Many patients are afraid of doing sleep studies, based on the horror stories of the CPAP equipment. These are valid concerns because the equipment used in previous years were big, loud and not very user-friendly. In recent years, there have been many improvements made in the equipment used to treat sleep apnea. Many years ago the machines were very big and noisy. The sound often described as that of a jet engine. With more recent sleep proofing technology today’s machines are very quiet. There is only a gentle hum of the machines, very much like a ceiling fan on a low setting.  The machines are also much smaller. They are often not that much larger than the palm of your hand. The attached humidifier can also be removed, making the unit smaller for travel. The machines also have a very sleek look. They look much like alarm clocks or radios.

Mask used in previous years was very big and bulky. We have all seen that mask that covers the entire face that are a nightmare to wear. Today’s mask is much smaller in design. Nasal Pillows may often be used; this is not a mask at all. Small nasal buds sit right inside the nostrils, eliminating the need for the mask. This also allows the ability for someone to wear glasses, for those who like to read in bed.

Recent updates on equipment and mask have made CPAP easier than ever to use. While there is still an adjustment period for being on CPAP equipment, patients today do better than they ever have.