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We deliver results.

Shown below are a few reasons why physicians and specialists trust us with your care.

If you’re one of our practitioner partners that refer your patients to us, we thank you. We are grateful you entrusted us with your patient’s care and we’re looking forward to helping them get the treatment they need to improve their health and sleep.

If you are a practitioner seeking more information about the work we do and our success rate with patients, please contact our office. We’d love to share with you the things we’re doing to improve our patients’ sleep and help prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more.

CPAP Reduces Cardiovascular Events

Worsening severity of untreated sleep apnea is associated with a greater risk of cardiovascular
events compared to BMI adjusted controls and those with OSA on treatment as demonstrated in a 2005 landmark cohort study by Marin, Lancet [1]. As Figure A demonstrates, OSA patients undergoing CPAP therapy were far less likely to experience a cardiac event compared to individuals diagnosed with OSA who did not follow CPAP therapy protocol; 9% of treated patients vs. 30% of untreated.

Measurably Better Outcomes – Even for Patients Who Have Previously Tried & Failed to Wear CPAP

In an objectively measured study, our patients demonstrated treatment compliance of over 87% (national average is 62%). Figure B compares the compliance data after 90 days of treatment from Encore of over 2,000 consecutive BCBS patients treated with CPAP dispensed by Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee to the complete national database of 6.8 million patients treated by DME companies.

Reduced Cost

With combined diagnostic and treatment protocols, our state of the art sleep labs are able to provide the most economic option for an in-lab sleep study in the region (1/3 the cost of hospitals) while delivering the highest standard of care (Figure C). Even the cost of CPAP is less at Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee. Patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield are now eligible to save even more.

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