Why Sleep Centers

Our Mission

How Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee is leading the way to better care.

To help you and every person in Tennessee be healthier and sleep better tonight. We strive to lead the way for better care and promote sleep-related chronic disease prevention and treatment.

How does this impact you? It means we consistently deliver exceptional care and service and we’re always looking for ways to deliver even better care and a higher level of service.

At the heart of our approach is a simple question: how can we serve you better so you get exceptional sleep and as a result the best possible health. As you know, your overall health is directly linked to your sleep health.

By listening, with patience, and compassion, while working together we will help you achieve the very best health possible.

A better night’s sleep
is within your reach

Twenty-five years ago Dr. Noah started out with the simple idea that everyone CAN have a good night of sleep and that people didn’t need to suffer needlessly from Sleep Apnea and other sleep disorders. During those twenty-five years, we’ve been diagnosing and successfully treating over 90 sleep disorders for our friends and patients in Middle Tennessee.

We’re not just leaders in the field of sleep medicine but researchers who constantly strive to better understand sleep and the challenges that face our clients so future generations of Physicians and Sleep Specialists will be better prepared to serve their patients. Our team of experts are uniquely qualified and are dedicated to helping people like you who are struggling to get good sleep.

Sleep disorders take many different forms, but they all interfere with your daily life. If you’re at the point where you’re sick and tired of being tired, reach out. We can help.

Why Choose Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee?

Better Outcomes

When you’re our patient, you can count on us to help you get results. We get documented and measurably better compliance results. In an objectively measured study, our patients demonstrated over 87% treatment compliance. The national average is 62%.

Ongoing Initiatives

Our physicians have co-founded the Sleep Research Consortium together with our research partners at Middle Tennessee State University. The goal of the consortium is to facilitate research projects, community-based programs, and initiatives that promote population and individual wellness through healthy sleep and sleep-related chronic disease prevention and reduction.

Low Cost

You pay less than you would in hospital-based labs, and we work closely with you to understand your options and how to work with your insurance provider to get the most out of your care benefits. Because we are a non-hospital affiliated independent sleep center, we are able to provide extremely cost-effective care.

Integrated Program & Whole Team Approach

Our integrated program means you’ll work with an entire team of experts who are intensely focused on helping you solve your issues with sleep.

Seven members of our team have been working together for 20 or more years.

Our Providers

Our team including our Medical Director, Sleep Medicine Clinical Psychologist, Advanced Practice Providers, Respiratory Therapists, and Sleep Techs are specialists with one focus, helping you get better sleep. They are all highly trained experts who do nothing but diagnose or treat sleep disorders.

There are over 90 sleep disorders and we treat them all. Although most are rare, and 90% of our patients seek our help to treat three main sleep disorders, we serve and treat thousands of patients each year, which means we’ve honed our skills and possess a focused specialty of care that will help you achieve the highest level of sleep wellness.

In fact, we’re especially proud of our expertly trained Advanced Practice Providers who are rigorously trained and held to the same standards as our MD specialists. Thanks in part to a huge gap in medical doctors specializing in sleep medicine, Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee has developed protocols for specialized training of our Nurse Practitioners so they are the most highly qualified Advanced Practice Providers in the state. You can count on getting the very best sleep medicine has to offer when you become a patient.

William H. Noah, MD

Medical Director

Bijoy John, MD

Staff Physician

Timothy J. Hoelscher, PhD.

Sleep Medicine Clinical Psychologist

Christie Arney, MSN, NP-C

Sleep Medicine Advanced Practice Provider

David Hubbard, MSN, NP-C

Sleep Medicine Advanced Practice Provider

Wendy Rhim, MSN, APRN, NP-C

Sleep Medicine Advanced Practice Provider

Cale Baskin, PA, C

Sleep Medicine Advanced Practice Provider

Regina Bragg, FNP, BC

Sleep Medicine Advanced Practice Provider

Jess Bledsoe, FNP, BC

Sleep Medicine Advanced Practice Provider

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