The Future of Comprehensive Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Care

An exclusive partnership for physicians that delivers fast, comprehensive managed care for sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment. You refer your patient and we do the rest.

Shortest Time

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44% Better
CPAP Adherence

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Most Cost Efficient and Convenient Care Available

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No risk of COVID-19 exposure

Shortest Time to CPAP (5-7 Days)

Sleep Apnea Testing is as Fast as a Lipid Profile

Watch the video about the User-Friendly WatchPAT ONE Device

To learn more about the first single-use, cloud-based home sleep apnea test.

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To Learn More About the High Prevalence and Associated Mortality of OSA.

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The most important part of OSA care begins after the patients are prescribed CPAP.

OSAinHomeSM Medical Director, Dr. William Noah, reviews the literature and gives perspective on CPAP reducing cardiovascular events in the editorial: “Using CPAP” Improves Cardiovascular Outcomes: Physicians must look behind the RCT veil and focus on long-term adherence.

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44% Higher CPAP Adherence

Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee (SCMT) patients experience higher rates of adherence and better long-term outcomes.

Thanks to our partnership with Middle Tennessee State University and the creation of our DREAM 2.0 program, we monitor patients for seven months, providing feedback and support.

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William H. Noah, MD

Medical Director, Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee Chairperson, MTSU Sleep Research Consortium

“The most important part of sleep apnea care begins when your patient removes their CPAP from the box. Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee produces almost twice as many long-term CPAP users as others. This is how we measure quality.”

Most Cost Efficient and Convenient Care Available

SCMT patients pay much less for their CPAP treatment than other patients in the region.

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The entire treatment process can be completed from the safety and comfort of the patient’s home.

Our patient testimonials demonstrate their satisfaction with the high quality of care they receive

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“My study at the Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee was 1/4th the cost of a hospital-owned sleep center. In addition, they only had to do one study while hospitals normally require two studies. This one-night, single sleep study saved me thousands out of my pocket and I received great care. With my high deductible plan so early in the year, every dollar saved was a dollar back in my pocket! From my initial office visit with Nurse Practitioner Klhee to my actual sleep study night with Technician Amanda, my experience could not have been any better.”

Lance Jennings

Bijoy John, MD
ABIM Board Certified in Sleep, Pulmonary, and Critical Care Medicine

“OSAinHomeSM is a fully integrated sleep medicine program. Using the WatchPAT ONE device, we can often get a patient’s result before they eat breakfast. Patients are embracing our new telemedicine approach and finding the whole process from beginning to end to be easy, convenient, and safe. We believe this approach is future of sleep medicine, and that future is now.”

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Process to refer a patient for the OSAinHomeSM program:

The following documents must be completed and faxed for all OSAinHomeSM Referrals.

  1. Patient Referral Form. This document provides the demographics for the patient. Please ensure that a good telephone number and email address are included on the form. If you would like your patient to immediately have a home sleep test, please complete the sleep study order box at the bottom of the form. Otherwise, we will conduct an office visit first so that one of our providers can write the sleep study order.
  2. Patient Insurance Card. Please fax both the front and back of the insurance card.
  3. Progress Note. Your latest progress note documenting your sleep related interaction with the patient and the need for a sleep study is required to support your sleep study order.

Once these materials are received, a Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee staff member will contact the patient via telephone (non-billable) to facilitate the entire process and answer all questions. Your office will receive regular communication from us via fax with documentation of patient interactions and progress updates. 

To send a patient referral please fax us your patient referral form.

We Accept All Major Insurance Plans

OSAinHomeSM is only for patients suspected of OSA. Patients with inconclusive home sleep apnea testing, neuromuscular disease, moderate/severe cardiovascular or pulmonary disease, central sleep apnea, hypoventilation, severe insomnia, or other complicating issue may require in-lab polysomnogram. This program is not indicated for children. Patient cooperation is required to complete process in 5 to 7 days. Some locations may require an additional 1-2 days for shipping. Delay in treatment may occur with certain insurance plans. 5 to 7-day timeframe is only for patients choosing CPAP as treatment.