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Are You a

Are You a

S-NORE-R (Sleep NOREpinephrine Release) is your body’s “Fight or Flight” reaction during sleep.

Sleep NOREpinephrine Release (S-NORE-R)

occurs when you are snoring (struggling to breathe) and your brain thinks you are in danger. S-NORE-Rs can lead to medical issues and make chronic conditions worse.

Do you Snore?

If you snore, you need a sleep test.

While it may be annoying to your loved ones and a source of family jokes, snoring is no laughing matter. It is the sound of an obstructed airway and triggers S-NORE-Rs (“fight or flight”).

Do you have High Blood Pressure or Heart Disease?

If you suffer from any cardiovascular condition, it is critical that you have a sleep test.

S-NORE-Rs raise blood pressure and cause heart disease (Afib, heart failure, stroke, heart attack, etc.).

Do you have Type 2 or Pre-Diabetes?

If you have Type 2 or Pre-Diabetes, you need a sleep test.

The release of norepinephrine during sleep (S-NORE-Rs) increases blood sugar and insulin levels, making your blood sugar management much more difficult.

Are you Overweight?

If you are struggling to lose weight, get a sleep test.

During sleep, the fat generating hormones, insulin and cortisol, are usually at their lowest levels. However, a S-NORE-R (“fight or flight”) reaction increases both which can make weight loss more difficult.

Reach out for an assessment today to best understand your situation and potential solutions.

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Doctor Referral

Your doctor will send your information to us, and a member of our staff will call you. During this call, we will schedule your Home Sleep Test and Test Results Appointment

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Home Sleep Test

Your Home Sleep Test should arrive in 1-3 days. Use your test the night you receive it, and follow the instructions carefully. Once you wake up, your study data will be securely uploaded to us.

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Test Results Visit

Your Home Sleep Test will be reviewed by a Board-Certified Physician. During your Test Results Visit (via elemedicine or in one of our offices), your Provider will share your results and next steps including treatment options, if needed.

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If you require treatment, we will coordinate your equipment delivery, help you adjust to your therapy, and work with you to ensure your success. Get ready to feel and sleep better!

Discover more about the user-friendly WatchPAT ONE device, the first single use cloud-based home sleep apnea test.

Treating your obstructive sleep apnea could be the most important thing you do for your health.

When you get tested for sleep apnea, whether it’s from home with our OSAinHomeSM program or in one of our facilities, The Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee does more than help you stop snoring and allow you and your bed partner to get a good night’s sleep. We help you live a healthier, longer life and improve your quality of life.

Are you Experiencing These Common Risk Factors of Sleep Apnea?

Take this easy quiz to determine your risk level and better understand how it may be affecting you.

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Our Guarantee to You

We guarantee fast delivery of your test and test results and that you’ll be treated with friendliness, respect and caring. You’ll be treated like a valued patient, not like a number.

We guarantee that any medical advice you receive will only come from professional, board-certified doctors and sleep specialists.

We guarantee that we will act in your best interest, give you the clearest understanding we can about your condition, and allow you to make informed choices about your treatment plan and care.

What Patients Are Saying

“The friendly and helpful staff made this a great appointment. The health issues associated with sleep apnea and ways to correct them were thoroughly explained and all of my questions were answered.”

– Jason J.

“Everyone here is amazing! They are fast and efficient.”

– Chastity H.

“Very professional. They explained the test process completely and provided in great detail the effects of sleep apnea. Very highly recommend.”

– Valued Patient

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