Do You Snore? Or Has Anyone Told You That You Sometimes Stop Breathing In Your Sleep?

If so you may be experiencing Sleep Apnea or A Sleep Breathing Disorder. Call Now.

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Do You Experience Any Of These
Common Symptoms of Sleep Apnea?

  • Snore loudly
  • Stop breathing when you sleep
  • Experience morning headaches
  • Have dry or sore throat in the morning
  • Sleep on your side more than any other position
  • Feel like you didn’t get a good night of sleep even when you’ve slept 7 hours or more
  • Have pain in your shoulders, neck, hips, or knees when you wake up
  • Feel anxious or agitated when you wake up
  • Experience “brain fog” in the morning
  • Experience forgetfulness
  • Have a lessened interest in sex

If you experience two or more of those symptoms in a week or on an ongoing basis you may be experiencing sleep apnea or a sleep breathing disorder.

While we used to laugh at dad or grandma when they snored, we now know that disrupted breathing during sleep is actually very dangerous and no laughing matter. Snoring is a warning sign that should not be ignored. It’s an early signal that you’re putting yourself at risk for diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s if not treated right away. Now, the entire testing and treatment process is fast and easy from the safety and comfort of your home. Schedule an in home sleep apnea test and in a couple of days discover if sleep apnea treatment will help you.

To Find Out If You Have Sleep Apnea
(615) 427-4221

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Medical Conditions That Can Result From Or Be Worsened By Sleep Apnea:

  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Erectile Dysfunction

“37% of adults in the US have sleep apnea according to new data released in June of 2019. That’s 54 million people. Even more staggering, half are identified as moderate or severe cases, with 40% likely to die within 15 years. The numbers are big, and it’s easy to imagine you’re not one of them, but if you’re snoring or you struggle with one of the associated diseases it’s worth the time to find out.”

Dr. William Noah, Medical Director

I was surprised at how easy a sleep study was. I was worried it would be stressful but the staff at Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee made it easy and stress-free. The whole process from study to results and treatment were fast, convenient and most importantly effective for me. I’m sleeping again and so is my wife.

– Dave

There’s Good News – Sleep Apnea is Completely Treatable
Reach out and schedule a telemedicine appointment with us today.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions around the treatment of sleep apnea, most based on outdated or incorrect information. First, you don’t need a doctor’s recommendation to get help, you can simply call Sleep Centers Of Middle Tennessee to get more information about your situation and to schedule an appointment.

We can determine over the phone if you’re a candidate for in home sleep apnea testing and our OSAinHomeSM program. Our OSAinHomeSM program is the first of its kind as a fully integrated sleep medicine program that allows you to get tested and treated (if necessary) all from the safety and comfort of your home.

To Find Out If You Have Sleep Apnea
(615) 427-4221

Schedule a Free Evaluation Over the Phone

Treating your obstructive sleep apnea could be
the most important thing you do for your health.

When you get tested for sleep apnea, whether it’s from home with our OSAinHomeSM program or in one of our facilities, The Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee does more than help you stop snoring and allow you and your bed partner to get a good night’s sleep. We help you live a healthier, longer life and improve your quality of life.

Do You Think You Have Sleep Apnea?

Here are some frequently asked questions we get from people just like you who are wondering if they have sleep apnea and what to do.

Q: Should I be worried if I think I have sleep apnea?

A:  If you think you have sleep apnea you need to take it seriously. Sleep apnea can be diagnosed and treated very easily and conveniently in Tennessee. Contact us today and we can help you understand what the next steps are for you.

Q: Will my sleep apnea go away if I just lose some weight?

A:  That is a common misconception.There are many benefits to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and we strongly recommend that you do. While the symptoms of sleep apnea may improve by losing weight, it will not go away and is no less dangerous simply because you notice a reduction in symptoms.  Sleep apnea must be diagnosed and treated properly as soon as you notice it.

Q: Do I have to stay the night in a sleep lab hooked up to machines?

A: Some of our patients do in office sleep studies and some do a simple in-home sleep apnea test with easy to use equipment we provide. Understanding your situation will help your sleep specialist determine the best choice for you, with you. By contacting us, we can schedule a time to discuss your situation and what might work best for you.

Q: Will I have to use a CPAP machine?

A: There are a number of ways to treat sleep apnea including a CPAP machine. CPAP machines like all medical technology have advanced greatly in recent years. Most people are surprised at how quiet they are and to learn that many people don’t have to wear a mask on their face. There are even travel machines now that aren’t much bigger than a deck of cards!

Q: Will I sleep better if I treat my sleep apnea?

 A: Absolutely!

Q: Why should I go to Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee instead of a hospital?

A: The best answer is the simplest one.  Because we’re specialists.

We ONLY practice sleep medicine and after treating thousands of patients for more than 25 years, we know how to get results from the simplest to the most complex cases. Our sleep specialists are trained and supervised in our state of the art research and treatment facility. You get the best treatment using the latest science and technology to be sure you get the best possible results.

Q: I’ve heard about oral appliances, what is that and can I use one?

A: Oral appliances are mouthguard style devices that are fitted to you that you wear in your mouth at night while you sleep. They are used to help hold the jaw forward while you are asleep. These devices may be effective for some people based on the sleep breathing disorder they are experiencing. Our sleep specialists can help determine if you are a candidate for an oral appliance.

Do You Want to Discuss Your Situation with a Specialist?

Your sleep and health CAN be better by treating your sleep apnea or sleep breathing disorder. Most people wait, hoping something will change. We can tell you with complete assurance nothing will change until you take the first step and see a sleep specialist.

We’ve successfully treated thousands of patients just like you and are confident we can get you sleeping better quickly. All it takes is a phone call to get started.

First, you don’t need a doctor’s recommendation to get help, you can simply call Sleep Centers Of Middle Tennessee to get more information about your situation and to schedule an appointment.

To Find Out If You Have Sleep Apnea
(615) 427-4221

Schedule a Free Evaluation Over the Phone

We Are Committed to Helping You Be Healthier and Rest Easier Tonight.

Call us at (615) 427-4221 or fill out the form below. We’ll respond and be in contact with you right away to schedule a telemedicine appointment. If you require a sleep study we can also discuss if you’re a candidate for in home sleep apnea testing.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Us:

Best experience with a medical office in years. An extremely helpful, considerate and knowledgeable staff. I had personal difficulty in getting adjusted to the equipment and they were available and helpful every step of the way. A quick in and out on all appointments. Well staffed and professional. I give them my highest recommendation.

Karin Hubbard

I have been a patient since 2014 . I feel that this treatment may have saved my life. I was sent to the sleep center by my cardiologist. I would have never thought that I would have sleep apnea. I feel like a different person. I sleep better than I ever thought. The staff is very friendly and professional. Highly recommend this to anyone.

Jim Lynch

"I really liked the telemedicine appointment. No sitting around in an exam room waiting for the provider or necessarily having to be in the same town. The provider is enabled to spend time with the patient."

Michael S.