1. Assessment

The evaluation usually begins with a consultation visit at a sleep clinic, at which time your sleep and medical histories are obtained. Based on this information, the appropriate sleep study is ordered, and you are likely to schedule and undergo a sleep study at a sleep laboratory.

2. Diagnosis

After the study, the results are often reviews as part of an interdisciplinary team meeting, with specialties including (but not limited to): pulmonology, otolaryngology, oral surgery, orthodontics, psychology, respiratory therapy, and nursing. As part of the meeting, cases are reviewed and treatment recommendations made.

3. Treatment

Treatment is formulated based on the diagnosis and individual needs of each patient. Our team of multidisciplinary, board certified specialists is skilled at making the correct diagnosis, and efficiently implementing the most effective treatment to correct any sleep problem. Treatment is implemented quickly, but may involve a long term commitment to care by the patient. As part of this, our clinicians are dedicated to following each and every patient until optimal treatment has been ensured.

4. Follow Up

Follow-up appointments are usually conducted at the sleep clinic and/or with the appropriate specialist; and treatments are implemented. Follow-up appointments should continue until stable resolution of your sleep symptoms is seen. Continued follow-up appointments are usually available on an unlimited, as-needed basis.